Research foci

Genome Dynamics in pancreatic cancer cell plasticity

We investigate alterations of chromosomal and genomic structures and functions as well as changes of chromatin architecture and activity in pancreatic cancer cell plasticity.

Molecular mechanisms of pancreatic cancer

Utilizing sophisticated models of pancreatic cancer we aim at translating molecular findings in pancreatic cancer research to the clinic.

The role of the stromal and inflammatory microenvironment in pancreatic cancer

In this research focus we explore and modulate the complex communication between pancreatic cancer cells and their environment.

Mechanisms of Obesity-Associated Diseases

Herein we dissect cellular and molecular mechanisms of inflammation- and obesity-associated diseases.

Microbiome in GI-diseases

Herein we focus on exploring changes of the microbiome in inflammatory and malignant pancreatic diseases.

CRU 5002: Deciphering Genome Dynamics for Subtype-specific Therapy in Pancreatic Cancer

This research consortium funded by the German Research foundation explores the role of subtype-driven genome dynamics for pancreatic cancer progression and therapy.

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